Partner Program

Geniunsoftware has designed the Partner Program to provide easy access to our licenses database directly for partners. Partners can receive this program from us and link their website to our licenses database. We keep all your data and information secure and we will never share those with others. So, use it confidently.

In the partner panel, you can see the prices of each product according to your order quantity of the product.

Purposes of the partner program



We made this panel for:


Providing faster and better services to coworkers.

When all licenses are in one secure database, we can keep licenses in a protected area.


Managing access to databases.


Keep a history of orders and preparing a report for partners.

How does it work?

  1. Customers order the product in your website.
  2. The request of the customer will be sent to our website.
  3. We will check the stock for each product. 
  4. If the product exists in inventory, one licenses code from the database will be dedicated to the order.
  5. The license code will send from our database to your website and it belongs to your customer’s order. (after we have sent code, according to the rules on your website, licenses will deliver to the customer.)


Advantages of the partner program


This program has many advantages for you such as below:

  1. You will access to over 200 products without paying for those and without extra charge for keeping them.
  2. The customers pay first for their orders and you won’t need to pay.
  3. You have a special price on your partnership panel and can access the database directly with partner price.

4. We always purchase new products and put them in our databases so you achieve the latest software keys that be in the industry.

5. We provide licenses, that means you don’t worry about products purchasing and supplying, all that you do is attract customers.

6. By using reports of the history of orders, you can be planning for the future and be a winner in competition with competitors.

7. An updated database. For each product, we check inventory permanently and update databases, any order in your website will be allowed to buy after checking for inventory.

8. The partnership panel is completely secure and keeps in encryption environment.

9. Accessing to support through the panel is faster and easier for you.

10. In the panel, all you need for software setup and installation are existence.

11. Plus sending the order of your customers to our website, you can access directly to the database and use licenses with your partnership price.