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Last updated: 22 April 2018

Using geniunsoftware.com constitutes acceptance of these Terms & Condition and the Acceptable Use Policy. Before registering on the site, you must read and agree to the Terms & condition and Acceptable Use Policy. By registering for access to Geniunsoftware you are accepting the Terms & Condition and Acceptable Use Policy and are legally bound by them.

User Accounts

To register for an account, you must:

  • Be 13 years or older to use Service, and old enough to enter into a binding agreement for the purchase of goods and services in your country of residence.
  • If you are representing a business entity, have the authority to enter into a binding agreement on behalf of the business.
  • Be human. Accounts registered by “bots” or other automated methods are not permitted.
  • Enter a valid email address and legal name.
  • Agree and abide by the conditions laid out in the Terms & Condition and Acceptable Use Policy.

Account Security

Subscribers and Affiliates create a password to access the Service. These must be kept confidential and must not be shared under any circumstances. Subscribers and Affiliates are responsible for access to their account using their email and password combination and Geniunsoftware will not be held responsible for any loss or otherwise because of unauthorized access to their account due to negligence on the account of the Subscriber or Affiliate. Should affiliates or subscribers believe their account details have been compromised they should contact support immediately who will respond to confirm receipt of a message. Subscribers and Affiliates will remain liable for any unauthorized access until support has confirmed they have received their notification.

Subscribers and Affiliates may not use their account to attempt to breach the security of another account, the Service in general or to attempt to gain unauthorized access to another network or server. Any such attempts will result in immediate termination of their account.

Electronic Communications

When you visit Geniunsoftware or send e-mails to us, you are communicating with us electronically. You consent to receive communications from us electronically. We will communicate with you by e-mail or by posting notices on this site. You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.

Product Description

Geniunsoftware and its associates attempt to be as accurate as possible. However, Geniunsoftware does not warrant that product description or other content of this site is accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free. If a product offered by Geniunsoftware itself is not as described, your sole remedy is to return it in unused condition.

Site Policies, Modification, And Severability

Please review our other policies, such as our Shipping and Refund policy, posted on this site. These policies also govern your visit to Geniunsoftware. We reserve the right to make changes to our site, policies, and these Conditions of Use at any time. If any of these conditions shall be deemed invalid, void, or for any reason unenforceable, that condition shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining condition.

Delivery System

Once you paid, License and download link of the product information will be sent to you by e-mail as the ISO of the original disc or ZIP archive.

You can save it on your computer or write it to a blank CD, DVD or USB-Drive and use it to install the product.

We offer Only DIGITAL DELIVERY; no physical delivery option is available here.

Payment details

If you choose a debit card or credit card to pay for your purchasing, money exchange from Dollar to Yoro and there is always going to be a fee for that service. The fee for exchanges is 3% that add to your payment costs. Note, the maximum transaction is 2500 euros.


48 hours after purchase, if you have met the warranty terms and have a problem or delivered goods different with products details, geniunsoftware will refund all your money. The refund will be as followed, give us the information about your bank account details or your wallet details by emailing us at support@geniunsoftware.com. If you used wallet it takes time 48 hours to refund and if you used a bank account, it takes time 5-7 working days depended on Swift network.


  • Notices shall be issued via email to the email address given at registration, or via a general posting to the Service. It is your responsibility to keep your account email address updated. Geniunsoftware shall not be held responsible for any loss resulting from not having received a notification.
  • You should go to the details section of the product before purchasing and consider the type of license and the number of authorized users and the warranty period and then buy it. We will not be held responsible after the warranty period.
  • If you use license more than the number of authorized users, then the manufacturer blocks your license and you must buy the license again.
  • Check a number of allowed reinstallations for any software. If you use more than the specified number, then you lose your license and you require correspondence with the manufacturer for reuse. In case of this problem, the company will try to resolve the problem, due to the length of the process and the uncertainty of return of license, but it will have not the warranty for open the license.
  • All Microsoft products have a one-year warranty on installation, functionality, authenticity, and support. If you have met the warranty terms and have a problem, Geniunsoftware will refund all your money.
  • Due to interference in the registry, if you have non-original software on your system then your license may be in trouble, and in this case, Geniunsoftware will not be held responsible.
  • Remember that Geniunsoftware will always be with you and it will do its best to resolve the problem in case of a problem and also its respect to the right of its customers.
  • If you get a license, it means for us you will use license in the next 24 hours, if you have any problem about use license, email us at support@geniunsoftware.com Up to 24 hours ahead. will not be held responsible after the 24 hours.


Questions regarding our Conditions of Usage, Privacy Policy, or other policy related material can be directed to our support staff by clicking on the “Contact Us” link in the side menu. Or you can email us at support@geniunsoftware.com.